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Vitamin B1 Tablets 120 Tablets


Vitamin B1 Tablets 120 Tablets

Vitamin B1 Tablets
Vitamin B1 Tablets
Vitamin B1 Tablets
Vitamin B1 Tablets

Vitamin B1 Tablets 120 Tablets


Vitamin B1 Tablets 120 Tablets- 100mg Thiamine Tablets

  • ANTI-STRESS- Vitamin B1 aids with strengthening the immune system, needed to keep the brain and nervous system functioning optimally, as well as for healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver.
  • ENERGY METABOLISM - Vitamin B1 supports normal energy metabolism, fighting fatigue and helping you to feel rejuvenated

  • BEST FOR NERVOUS SYSTEM - Vitamin B1 maintains your nervous system, positively contributing to your well-being and brain function.

  • ESSENTIAL VITAMIN for those giving up heavy alcohol  consumption.

  • BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED direct to your door- Letterbox friendly
  • ORDER NOW FOR FREE FIRST CLASS DELIVERY- Order by 1pm and we will ship same day (Weekdays)
  • 3 MONHT SUPPLY- 120 tablets.
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE UK to strict GMP standards
  • SOUL NUTRIENTS  Vitamin B1  Tablets contain:·        

·       No Gelatin

·       No Artificial Colouring Agents

·       No Flavourings or Sweeteners 

·       No Preservatives

·       No Added Sugar or Salt

·       No Lactose

·       No Soya

·       No Gluten­

·       No Wheat

·       No Yeast

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