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January January...


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January January...

Libby Pearson

With the festivities and fun of Christmas and New Year seeming like a lifetime ago we are back into the realities of work and routines with many of us making promises to make changes or improvements to last year. Most new years resolutions tend to be health based but with recent surveys suggesting that 80% of new years resolutions are broken by the second week of February are we asking TOO much of ourselves? Is 2018 the year to make small mindful changes that do really start to make a difference?

1) Going to the gym everyday? If you barely got your brand new Nike Air Thea's out the box last year (no, not me!) it might be pushing it but small changes can often see bigger longer-lasting results. Sometimes starting out, especially if you have had a break from exercise or a starting afresh these huge statements are the reasons they do not last, especially if they are totally impractical to fit into your daily life.

At SNHQ this week we have been discussing how smaller changes are making us feel less stressed, more focused and mindful of our actions this January. We have taken on some lighter (well, ish) challenges in our office ranging from the amazing Adriene's yoga Journey TRUE (join in now, don't worry you can carry over missed days into February, it's not about January after all, it's about long-lasting changes) or try RED (Run every day January) which is a brilliant way to just get moving even if it's just for 5 minutes a day.

2) No alcohol for a month- this is a hugely popular resolution and is great in many ways for charity support and giving those livers a break! But for many of us, it's possibly asking too much, perhaps starting out with no alcohol in the week is a more achievable and long lasting resolution?

Perhaps it's the little mindful changes we make that become really practical in helping us on the right road that we want to see through the for whole year, not just the first 6 weeks.....

What are your resolutions, if any? How are you getting on? We would love to hear from you

Here's to a healthy & happy 2018

SNHQ xxx