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Morning Routines....


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Morning Routines....

Libby Pearson

With some big yawns this morning at our desks we have been discussing morning routines (or lack of them for some of us!) here at SN HQ. After 3 days off for the glorious bank holiday, it was a shocker when it was back to work time this morning!

As we all start to get back into routines and back to school post summer, we all love the idea of getting a successful morning routine going but for some it's harder than others, all dependent on many factors including your commute to work, having kids, walking the dog, snoozing the alarm!!! (that's me!)

What do you do to make your morning routine a success for you? Do you meditate, fit in exercise first thing or just ensure you have a healthy breakfast or juice before rushing out the door?

We have been reading a great book called "Miracle Mornings" by Hal Elrod who has some amazing tips for making the most of our your day by getting your morning right and it appears to have had some life-changing effects on people

We are determined to start giving this a go (and see who is the smuggest sat at their desk this time next week!!).... Let us know if you have read the book and if it worked for you/ changed your day or how you make your mornings amazing already. We would love to hear from you!

Huge love, SN HQ xx