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Journaling for wellbeing....


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Journaling for wellbeing....

Libby Pearson

Studies have shown that the emotional release from keeping a journal can lower anxiety, lower stress levels and induces better sleep. We probably all already know this but it's one of those things....we may say we cannot fit it into our day, but is it really that? After all, it only take 5 minutes to write a page in a journal- SO is it that we are SCARED....scared of whether we can write, scared of what we MIGHT write, scared of it being READ by someone else or scared of WHAT may come out when we actually acknowledge our feelings.

Our challenge for August in the Soul Nutrients HQ is to keep a journal, be in 5 mins a day or 15, we have decided just to dedicate 30 days- (just 30 days and according to some experts it actually only takes 21 days to change a habit- so we can smash this!)  and see if we notice any improvements. The best bit about this challenge is not only seeing what emotional and physical improvements can be made but also that we get to choose a very pretty journal if we don't already have one!

Our office favourite is the Happiness Planner, the pink leather one to be precise!.......

If you are still looking/ wondering/ scared of journaling and are in need of some  some information on it or just don't know where to start we have some great reads on the subject to get you started below: 

Let it out- Katie Dalebout

Radical Self-Love- Gala Darling

The Inner Fix- Persia Lawson & Joanne Bradford

Journal to the Self- Kathleen Adams

Keep us posted on how you get on.... Share on social media our links are below... Huge love... SN HQ xx